Are you looking for information on home schooling, or trying to connect with other parents? Here you will find a list of Co-Ops as well as other information to help guide your way. If you would like your group added feel free to contact us with your information.



Association of Christian Home-Schooling Families

Association of Christian Home-schooling Families ~

This group is a Co-Op that meets once a week in Joplin with fun activities, and fellowship.

Classical Conversations

Classical Conversations Website

Classical Conversations of Southwest Missouri

Neosho Area Classical Conversations

Classical Conversations has become very popular with homeschoolers. They hold a strong academic program, parent resources, and more. Classical Conversations is also great transition from public school to homeschooling. Contact your local CC community to shadow a day to see what it's like, and to get more information for your family.

Homeschool Events 4-State Area

Homeschool Events 4-States Area ~

This group on Facebook host events in and around the Joplin area for homeschooling students. In the past they have gone to Firehouse Pottery, The Candy House, and a cavern located in Noel.

Homeschool Swap-Carthage MO Area

Homeschool Swap-Carthage MO Area ~

This group is great for selling your in like new curriculum and other home schooling items.

HSN - Homeschoolers Network Joplin

HSN - Homeschoolers Network Joplin ~

The HomeSchooler’s Network is more than an Academic Co-op with field trips, we also offer extra activities and support and educational events for parents.

Joplin Area Home Schooling Parents

Joplin Area Home Schooling Parents ~

Joplin Area Home Schooling Parents is an online group. You can connect with other parents, sell curriculum or other home schooling items, join playdates and educational field trips.

MAPLE Homeschool Organization

MAPLE Homeschool Organization 

MAPLE is located in Miami, OK, providing various activities, and a group to connect with other parents.

Neosho Area Homeschooling Moms

Neosho Area Homeschooling Moms  ~

This group is for local homeschooling moms to connect and share with other homeschoolers. We will also start monthly field trips and meet-ups.

Seek and Find (Field Trips)


Home school Co-op focusing on field trips that encompass education and fellowship

SW Missouri Christian Homeschool Group

SW Missouri Christian Homeschool Group ~

SW Missouri Christian Homeschool Group provides friendship, info on extracurricular activities and events, art, music, sports, and overall support to Homeschoolers in Joplin, Webb City, and surrounding cities and communities.





Take a look at our family guide for field trip ideas and family fun!